About the accommodation in the Hang loose Beach village area there are:
- the Volswagen Tent with 10 tents from 2 place each with sleeping bed service. The price
for each place is € 15,00. For to book write at
- the camper service area. The price is € 25,00 for each place

We have also agreement with some hotels and farms near Hang Loose Beach.
It is important to call the hotels directly to get the price in agreement with Hang Loose Beach
The hotels are:
1) 4 stars hotel 1 km away from airport and 4 km away
from Hang Loose Beach.
2) 4 stars hotel 3 km away from airport and 1 km away from
Hang Loose Beach.
3) 4 stars hotel 2 km away form airport and 2 km away from
Hang Loose Beach.

All the riders registered may have, in Hang Loose Beach, the free lunch take away with sandwich,
water, fruit and redbull every day. For other needs there are the Hang Loose Beach restaurant
and bar open all the day!

On 18 July there will be the “welcome dinner” for free. You need, by mail, to communicate the
wish to participate.

For any information please write to : or visit
Mobile number is: +39 3389511693 – Luca Valentini ;